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WKRG News 5 report: Air Charter/Ambulance Service now in Gulf Shores!

Gulf Coast News Today: Air Ambulance and Charter Service on Gulf Coast!

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Charter Air enables you to fly when you want and where you want. Charter saves you time, provides security and convenience, and enhances your lifestyle. Work onboard, conduct meetings privately or simply relax in comfort. We customize each charter experience to meet your specific needs and desires. Charter Air is committed to providing our customers with safe, reliable and efficient private air travel solutions, whenever and wherever they need it.

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We charter flights across the US and into/out of Colombia, El Salvidor, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Haiti.

Our dedicated staff and flight crew can assist you in meeting the challenges of today’s business travel environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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IAC - Gold Rated

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Charter Air flies the finest propeller aircraft available and employs only qualified airline transport pilots. Advantages of flying prop over jet include:

  • Immediate Power Up
  • Cheaper and More Cost Effective, Especially For Shorter Distances
  • Slower Land Speed
  • More Access to Remote Locations With Shorter Runways

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Air Carrier Certificate #4JLA093Q

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